Tucker vom windigen Punkt

Tucker vom windigen Punkt
Tucker vom windigen Punkt

   Finally getting to let Tucker run and swim and be a normal dog. He broke his Tibia in three places and had a plate and 8 screws inserted. 6 weeks of doing nothing and now he is being a playful young dog. He is calm and well mannered. Started water and field work this week, we tried 2 weeks ago and he started limping so we back pedaled a little bit. Very strong pointing dog.

    Update on Tucker runnning with no limp and buiding stamina every day. VJP this Spring. 20.01.2020

Test Results


Tucker being Tucker
Tucker pointing Gambels 2
Tucker 1
Tucker pointing Gambels
Tucker 2
Tucker 4
Tucker pointing his first wild Quail.
Tucker on point
Tucker 3
Tucker pointing Gambels 3
Tucker pointing Gambels 1