Vico IV vom Donaueck

Vico IV vom Donaueck
Vico IV vom Donaueck

I  feel Vico is a very stable dog that wants to please me as his owner. He is very calm around the house and has adjusted adjusted to living inside. He is a very friendly dog that loves people and enjoys it when the grandchildren visit. 

Vico was hunted this past season by me, and staunchly pointed on pheasants at a nice distance, and was given the chance to relocate on pheasants and did this easily. Manner of retrieve was perfect. He quartered the way I wanted with moderate range. When I moved to a more open field he ranged out to a couple hundred yards, and pointed till I got there. I am very happy with him at this point in time.

This past season Vico was used on ducks and did a very nice job. He was very steady in the boat and handled the hunting calmly. When it came to iced up conditions he never flinched on entering the water. This dog was a monster in the water. Very Very dependable.

Vico will stand at stud to VDD Approved females. All females must be tested negetive for Brucellosis within 2 weeks of breeding. When your female comes in heat the test can be done and will be back within 3 days. There will be no exceptions all females will be tested. Vico will be tested 3 or 4 times during the year. He will not be tested between breedings as it takes 3 months to test positive. He will only be bred to negative females with records of the females given to me before the breeding.

Current Litters from Vico- Ryan Polumbo 507-202-5352

Upcoming litters with Vico-

Test Results

  • VJP: 75 Pts.
  • HZP: 193 Pts.
  • Form/Hair: 11/11
  • HD: HD-A
  • Other: OCD FREI, ED -FREI, vom Willibrands FREI by Parents and DNA,Ff for furnishings,Sichtlaut at VJP.
Vico Backyard
Vico Entering Water 8 Degrees
Vico on point
Vico IV dom Donaueck Side
Vico 8 degrees and 7 retrieves in water
Vico On Point
Vico on Retrieve
Vico Pointing
Vico in Yard
Vico Retrieving on Ice