Adda II vom Fuchsberg

Adda II vom Fuchsberg
Adda II vom Fuchsberg

  Sale pending Adda II vom Fuchsberg is a very nice and friendly female. She loves the attention of the grandchildren and people in general. Adda is a high drive dog that is strong in the field with a nice pointing instincts and search. In the water she is very powerful with a tremendous search and no quit in her.    She will make someone a nice hunting and family dog.

  You can see a video of Adda retrieving a goose on YouTube on Addas home page.

Adda is spayed. 

Test Results

  • Form/Hair: 10/11
  • HD: HD-A
  • Other: OCD and ED clear,Sichtlaut at VJP.vom Willibrands FREI by DNA
Adda on point