Falk vom windigen Punkt

Falk is 7 years old and still producing big litters. As a trainer, Falk was very easy to train and has power and produces power yet is a very calm house dog. A  dog out of him won the Armbruster in 2019.

Because of his size he is our primary duck hunting dog out of the boat. He is very smart in hunting crippled ducks as he chases them towards vegetation and waits till they go up in cover to hide then turns on the gas and then goes for the retrieve.

In the field he quarters nice and is a steady pointer and staunch backing dog. Falk and Vico work very well as a team. Never any competition they learned naturally to back and the finding dog gets the retrieve.

Test Results

  • HZP: 182pts.
  • Form/Hair: 11/11
  • Other: FF for furnishings