Tucker vom Windigen Punkt
Tucker vom windigen Punkt

Tucker has Tested VJP and received a Very Good and 4 points on the Covid test. In his HZP Test he scored 184 Pts. with a 11 in search of duck and use of nose and desire to work.

His Breed Show in the Wisconsin Dells received a nice score of 10 in Form / 11 in Hair. His movement was a little off because of the broken back right leg that happened as a puppy.In fixing his leg the Doctors inserted a  plate and 8 screws.

Tucker brings desire and power with him to field and water. He is very consistant in the field and is a staunch pointer. This past season he did a outstanding job as a duck dog and found many cripples with his desire to finish the job.

In the field his range is dictated by the field conditions. Heavy cover he hunts close and the open fields he hunts the cover and doesn’t waste time in thin cover. He backs both Vico and Falk and other dogs. He is friendly to both people and dogs.

Tucker is now a Breedable stud dog.

Test Results

  • HZP: 184 Pts.
  • Form/Hair: 10/11
  • HD: A